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“Fill Your Appointment Book With Meetings With Your Ideal Prospects Using This FREE 7-Minute-a-Day Strategy”

AND...The remarkable thing is the speed with which this system works!  In less than a week you'll have this strategy at work for you and appointments lined up!

So if you know that the thing keeping you from truly having the business that you want is the fact that you don't have a proven, systematic way of consistently generating a steady stream of your ideal prospects making appointments this may be the most important message you read all year!

Look, you KNOW exactly what to do once you have your prospect talking with you, one on one.  

And if you could just get in front of more of your ideal prospects you could make more money in less time instead of spending hours on thankless tasks and lots of money on useless advertising!

All you need is a system, that in just minutes a day, attracts these people to you, eager to meet with you, and allows you to focus on what you do best! AND you could even have someone else setting up the appointments...

The best part is...that this FREE strategy can be up and running for you within 24 hours of getting started.  AGAIN, since anyone can follow use the templates and scripts I'm going to give you, it doesn't even have to be you who spends 7 minutes a day to do this.  

And right now you can get live one-on-one answers
to all of your questions around getting started!

When you fill out the form below, you'll be a amongst a limited group of business owners who'll get this LIVE and have the opportunity to get all of your questions answered so that your path to success is expedited.

You'll not only get the "cut-and-paste" scripts to have this built and working for you before the end of the'll also be in the only group that has live and unfettered access to the creator of this system who has used LinkedIn to get five-figure clients again and again!


Imagine Waking Up Every Day Knowing That In Less Than 10 Minutes You'll Have Done Everything You Need To Get Meetings With Your Ideal Clients...


AND you won't have spent a single penny doing it.

So the only thing left to do is to ask yourself what would a system that gets you appointments with your ideal prospects in just 7 minutes a day is something that would change your business.

Anyone in the professional practices or service provider like accountants, financial planners, insurance agents, attorneys, real estate brokers, marketing professionals, consultants etc...knows that a single client is worth hundreds and more likely thousands of dollars...BUT that's just the financial end of the business.

And that alone is enough for many.

But the fact of the matter is you may already be doing well financially.  But maybe somewhere along the line you lost that balance in your life and you find yourself working way too much.  

Or maybe while you're making a lot of money, you know that it wouldn't take a whole lot to lose everything because your business depends on you in order to work because you haven't had time to build simple systems and processes that ANYONE can follow.  

So even though you're successful, you have those nights worrying about where your next client is coming from or wondering what would happen if you just wanted a break and some time off.

"LinkedIn Domination" puts 
those worries to bed once and for all!


This proven system can be used by anyone because you literally cut-and-paste scripts into LinkedIn that have generated appointments time and again with clients looking for five and six figure solutions to their business problems.  So whether you're doing this to take your business to the next level, or want your life back, this works for you even when you're not.


So let's see what you'll get...

This comprehensive program is the only investment you can make in your business that delivers all of these benefits:

This Wednesday at Noon Eastern, you'll get the entire LinkedIn Domination delivered to you live with Q&A so you get answers to all of your questions.

(and of course if you can't make it on live...that's'll get an immediate replay plus all the tools, scripts and and templates sent to you immediately following the live session!)

  • The 7-point system for your LinkedIn profile that'll attract your ideal prospects to you.  Do this in less than 30 minutes and you could add four figures a month to your business without every touching a thing again! 

  • The secret to moving online "connections" to offline money-producing conversations without ever seeming pushy or “salesy." Stop LOSING great clients because you don't know how to turn an online contact into a REAL appointment that your prospect actually is looking forward to having!

  • Have your appointment book full for the first month in the first five days of working the system in LinkedIn. Stop looking at empty slots in the calendar that you KNOW should be filled with appointments but just don't know where to get them.

  • How to get more referrals from your contacts to reach their networks to get more appointments without any "work". You've already got dozens or even hundreds of happy clients that know others that want to work with you. You'll get the "brain dead" simple strategy for getting appointments with these amazing prospects

  • Discover a new step-by-step blueprint to using LinkedIn to catch the “big fish.” Stop doing more work than you need to and get those clients who'll pay you what you're worth for BIG projects. Land a few of these and you could make more from just two or three clients than you did all last year.  


Also don't forget...we completely 100% GUARANTEE your success...more on that in a minute.

So let's talk about the investment...

In the past I've sold similar systems for $497. After all, it took me years to figure out this system and create the cut-and-paste scripts and templates that you'll get and be able to use in minutes without all the costly trial-and-error that I went through.  

But I'm going to give you everything described above the investment right now is just a single payment of $297. Just one investment of $77! 

Why so low when a single new client a month will be worth hundreds or even thousands to you?

Good question and if you're like me you're smart to be a bit skeptical but the simple reason that the investment is just a one-time payment of $297 $77 for the live online program as well as lifetime access is that I know that once you go through this program and get TREMENDOUS value from such a small investment I'll have gained a loyal customer.

Like you, the majority of my business comes from referrals and repeat business and the majority of my five figure coaching clients started out by coming in with a system like this because they got immediate value far beyond the small investment it took to get started.

PLUS...since this is delivered costs are fairly low so I still make a fair profit so it's really a win-win and that's best for everyone! 

But Let's Make This Even Easier For You!

“I guarantee that when you use the scripts and templates I'm giving you'll get more appointments in just 7 minutes a day than you ever have before and if within 30 days of this, your appointment book isn't filled a month out I'll give you your entire investment back!"
You’ll almost effortlessly grow you list of ideal prospects who are waiting to become clients, you’ll do all this while charging 10%, 30% or even 50% more than you are charging today, and you’ll finally be on your way to building the business you always wanted with a LOT less stress!"

Because I’m determined to give you FAST and MEASUREABLE results with this system, I’ve put together an amazing Premium Bonus Package just for you.

Right now when you invest you'll immediately get access to my proprietary "Copy and Paste LinkedIn Referral Scripts!" This 3-page system will turn your connections into an "unpaid sales force" for you giving you introductions to a list of people who'll be excited to meet with you!

This is for you if you'd like to build a ravenous list of 
dozens of new prospects just waiting to meet with you.  
And when you employ the simple strategies and 
scripts you'll get on Wednesday then you could fill the rest 
of the quarter with some of the very best appointments 
you could have setting yourself up for success!  


A Quick Recap and Next Steps...

This live program happens on Wednesday...and you'll get ALL the bonuses, ALL the tools, ALL the templates, EVERYTHING!

And again...this is still entirely risk-free to you because you still get to keep the entire program for a full year!

Now all you need to do is enter your information below and then look for an email with your bonuses and session information. And remember, if you can't attend the live session, that's fine. It will be recorded and you'll have immediate access to the FOREVER online. 

Yes Kim I want in!  I’m ready to fill my appointment book with meetings with my ideal clients using a FREE 7-minute-a-day strategy. And when I do it right now I''ll save $420 dollars and only need to make a one-time investment of just $77!

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