“Here’s Your Five-Step System To Dominating
Your Market, Growing Your Client List & Charging
More For Your Service With NO Objections In
The Next 90 Days…Guaranteed!”

An urgent message for anyone who got “fired up” and who want to make 2018 their break out year!


When I sat down to deliver this to you I was excited.

  • I was excited because I would be sharing the EXACT strategies I have used to grow my business by more than 1,000% and hundreds of clients have used to generate more than a BILLION dollars in sales.

  • Excited because I knew that the kind of person who would be enrolling are those willing to go “above and beyond” to be successful…business people with an open mind who can tell the difference between mere fluff and proven “get-me-real-results” information.

  • And excited because I know that the average business that puts these five strategies in place will see an increase in their revenues by at least 25% at the end of the 90 day program and can experience up to 10 times in revenue growth once these strategies are fully applied.  I am hoping you’ll be next.

So let me get straight to the point here:

“I guarantee that when you use the system to increase your revenues by applying these 5 game-changing strategies using the step-by-step process I provide, you will instantly and elegantly: dominate your market and become the ONLY real option for those looking for your service.
You’ll almost instantly grow you list of ideal prospects who are waiting to become clients, you’ll do all this while charging 10%, 30% or even 100% more than you are charging today, and you’ll finally be on your way to building the business you always wanted with a LOT less stress!"

Because I’m determined to give you FAST and MEASUREABLE results with this system, I’ve put together an amazing Premium Bonus Package just for the attendees of the webcast and only for a short time.  I’ll tell you more after you’ve seen what you’ll receive with the "10x Business Growth Academy: Five Steps System To Growing Your Business By Up To 1,000%"



Take a look at everything you will receive with your
10x Business Growth Academy

This comprehensive program is the only investment you can make in your business that delivers all of these benefits:

#1 – The 1,000% formula…how to increase your ideal prospect list by ten times with a PROVEN, replicable process that’ll work in every business and industry.

#2 -  Prospect conversion system that elegantly turns your ideal prospects into appointments and positions you like never before so your closing percentages will be through the roof without ever “selling” or feeling “salesy”. 

#3 – Price Objection Eliminator that is literally copy-and-paste messaging you’ll use to increase your average sales by as much as 50% virtually overnight.

#4 – Delivers Fast, Measurable Results!  Remember, that which is tracked is improved, and this system will have you seeing 25% higher revenues within just 90 days!

#5 – GUARANTEED!  Most people that preach success aren’t willing to stand behind what they say.  The fact is I know this works because I’ve done it personally and furthermore, I’ve worked with clients for the last three years to put these strategies in place in their business so I know I can replicate these results in your business.  That’s why I’m able to offer you a 100% guarantee that this program works, or else I’ll happily and cheerfully refund your money with no questions asked if at the end of 90 days you haven’t seen an increase in your revenues by at least 25% using the 5 strategies! 

Furthermore, this has NONE of the drawbacks of just about anything else you might do to increase your income.  There are no seminars you need to fly to in far away cities.  no time away from home.  No pile of stuff on a shelf that gathers dust.  No trial-and-error.  Why?

Here’s how it works:

ONE: You get tested, proven, ethical, simple-to-use scripts and templates for positioning yourself as the “go-to” expert in your market.  This is the difference between where you are and where you want to be because using these tools sets you apart from your competition and allows you to charge more with little to no price sensitivity on your buyers parts.

TWO: We work WITH you PERSONALLY as you go through the process so that you’re never left alone wondering what to do or if you got it right.  You have hours of live coaching calls where we’ll guide you to success and answer all of your questions.  You’re not left alone with books and computer files and prayer that you do it right, alone, your first time.  We want you to be successful and that’s why you get personalize coaching for 12 weeks!

THREE: Results are tracked and measured because that which is trackable can be improved.  We provide solid measurement so that you KNOW which direction your business is headed like never before.  And imagine how good you’ll feel when you see that first 25% increase in revenues happen within just weeks of starting with the 10X Business Growth Academy.   


Also don't forget...we completely 100% GUARANTEE your success...more on that in a minute.

Act before Midnight and you’ll also get your PERSONALIZED 2018 Growth Template worth $797 for FREE!

FREE Bonus Gift: The Best & Fastest Way To Guarantee Your Success in 2018! *Only available to the first 25 people who order now


Imagine having a virtual “Roadmap To Success” created specifically for your business that will generate at least a 15% to 40% increase in revenue in your business in 2017.

Imagine waking up every day knowing exactly what activities you’ll do that day that’ll bring in the highest ROI and move you in the right direction.

BEST YET…imagine falling asleep each night easily and stress free, because bills are paid, marketing is working, CASH IS COMING IN predictably and reliably to your business so there’s nothing to worry about.

During this special live session you will be guided through a transformational 7-step process to create an exact plan for 2017 that alone will increase you revenues by a minimum of 15% to 40%.  During this live online session you’ll…

  • Discover exactly how to best engage your audience to get more repeat business and referrals than ever before

  • How to identify and eliminate campaigns destined to fail before you spend a dime or minute of time on them

  • CLONE your best, most profitable campaigns so that you can add cash-surges to your business as predictable as a Rolex watch

  • Plan to take vacation and time away from your business without it costing you clients or profit and giving you much-need, well-deserved rest and relaxation

  • And much, much more besides…

BUT...remember...this $797 bonus disappears at midnight tonight and won't be offered again for ANY reason.




Finally, you get not just a generic satisfaction” guarantee…but a “show me the money” results GUARANTEE.

I’m so confidant that this will work in your business that I’m not only going to offer a 30 day guarantee like most and force you to make a decision without all the information.  NO!!!

You get to go through the entire 90 day program.  You get to come on all the live webcasts, get all the templates, tools, scripts, proven marketing strategies, personalized live coaching….EVERYTHING!  

And if after that’s all done…you’re not 100% positive that the plan you have in place will increase your revenue by a minimum (remember most see a much higher return) of 25% then simply call, or email us and we’ll happily return your investment in the 10X Business Growth Academy.

What other investment can you make today that offers this kind of unqualified, results-based guarantee?  We do this for you because we KNOW this works and want to be a part of your success.

Choose Your Enrollment Option Below…

Yes Kim I want in!  I’m ready to dominate my market, grow my list of ideal clients, charge more, work less and increase my revenues by at least 25% after just 90 days.

Option #1: Get the 10X Business Growth Academy, usually $1,491, and Bonuses worth $797 for FREE and split it into three easy monthly investments of $297!  [Save $600]

Option #2:  Get the 10X Business Growth Academy, usually $1,491, and Bonuses worth $797 for FREE AND I had a great year and want to reinvest my profits…not be taxed on them…I’ll make a single payment now of $891! [Save $600]

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